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High Performance Fall Monitoring


  • Small wearable device containing a motion sensor, power source, data processing and communication electronics providing 24/7 fall monitoring
  • Superior fall recognition software algorithms, means reliable monitoring without false alarms
  • SmartHip is a low-power device
  • Can be used at Home, in Nursing Homes, Sheltered accommodation, lone worker etc.
    • Direct communication with family or neighbour mobile phone
    • Compatible with Nurse-call system in Nursing home settings.

Background & Description

Falls effect 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 and frequently lead to hospital admission. Studies have shown that getting help quickly after a fall can reduce the risk of hospitalisation by 26% .

SmartHip, a new wireless fall monitoring device

Small in size (similar to a belt-worn pager) it delivers advanced human fall detection technology in a very user friendly way. The system accurately monitors activity and automatically contacts family members or professional carer in the event of a fall.

The system monitors movement in 3-axis and uses a proprietary fall recognition algorithm to accurately differentiate falls from daily living activities that would otherwise trigger false alarms, such as:

  • Going on stairs or lifts, getting into and out of a seat or bed, reclining, sleeping
  • Sudden movements such as general house work, walking to shops church etc.
  • Toileting.

Traditional fall detection devices have to be removed when reclining or lying down in bed, due to the “long lie” employed in detecting the falls. These restrictions present compliance barriers for people who would like to use the system. SmartHip technology addresses this problem.


SmartHip is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) with superior independently tested falls monitoring algorithms. A small device worn on the body, it analyses significant motion by the wearer and automatically notifies family members or professional carers if a fall has been detected (by SMS [Text Message] or pre-recorded voice call). False alarms are dramatically reduced thereby offering independence and peace-of-mind in later years.

Technical Details

  • Ergonomic design
  • Material: ABS (UL 94 HB)
  • Protection class: IP 41.
  • Optional GSM telemetry platform complying with EU regulations
  • Available as “software only” to be integrated with 3rd party Telecare products
  • Integrated Antenna and SIM card included
  • A Fall alert is transmitted by SMS immediately to nurse/caregiver or family.
Motion analysis
  • Precision 3-axis motion sensor
  • Proprietary algorithms implemented in software.
    • >96% Sensitivity to recognise real fall events and
    • >97% Specificity to recognise Activity of Daily Living (ADL)
    • Continuous improvement through R&D.
Power management
  • Re-chargeable Li-Polymer battery for long life
  • Powerful energy saving algorithms = extended re-charge interval.